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Figure 5

From: Gating, enhanced gating, and beyond: information utilization strategies for motion management, applied to preclinical PET

Figure 5

Lesion motion simulations. Gated simulation of a hot lesion moving in sinusoidal motion (left to right) over a colder background next to a stationary boundary. Simulated with 16 gates. The effective views show (top to bottom) count-equivalent ungated images with no motion, ungated images with motion, and a single-gate gated image, a corresponding gating+ image and a respective motion maps generated during the gating+ processing. Differing scan conditions are shown with lower count scenarios on the left, ranging to higher count scenarios towards the right. Lesion displacement = 60% lesion diameter. Lesion/background ratio = 3. Upper diaphragm/background = 1.5. Lower diaphragm/background = 3.0. Linear color scale.

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