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Figure 2

From: Generation and in vivo characterization of a chimeric αvβ5-targeting antibody 14C5 and its derivatives

Figure 2

SDS-PAGE analysis of the produced chimeric antibody and fragments 14C5. Visualized using Coomassie brilliant blue dye (a) and specific visualization by Western blotting detected by mouse anti-human kappa antibody (lanes 2, 4, 5, and 6), mouse anti-His antibody (lane 3), followed by anti-mouse IgG1 alkaline phosphatase (b): lane 1, protein marker; lane 2, ch antibody; lane 3, enzymatically produced chF(ab')2; lane 4, enzymatically produced chFab; lane 5, recombinant chF(ab')2; lane 6, recombinant chFab (a, b). Phosphorescence image after SDS-PAGE: lane 1, estimated protein ladder based on non-radioactive protein marker; lane 2, 125I-ch antibody; lane 3, 125I-chFab; lane 4, 125I-chF(ab')2 14C5 (c).

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