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Table 4 Patients with at least one true hypometabolism using visual, SPM-P, and SPM-A analysis

From: Optimizing statistical parametric mapping analysis of 18F-FDG PET in children

  Visual analysis
SPM-P SPM-A Positive Negative
Positive Positive 33 (17C, 16S) 2 (2C, 0S)
Negative Positive 5 (4C, 1S) 1 (0C, 1S)
Negative 3 (3C, 0S) 3 (1C, 2S)
Total   41 (24C, 17S) 6 (3C, 3S)
  1. SPM-P, SPM analysis using the pediatric pseudo-control group; SPM-A, SPM analysis using the adult control group; C, cryptogenic (MRI-negative) patients; S, symptomatic (MRI-positive) patients.