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Table 1 Endothelial adhesion molecule candidates for the nuclear imaging and currently available imaging agents

From: Nuclear imaging of inflammation: homing-associated molecules as targets

Target molecule Imaging agent Imaged condition Reference
E-selectin 111In- or 99mTc-labeled anti-E-selectin mAb or fragments of it Arthritis of pig, a pig model of gout, patients with RA, patients with IBD [610]
E-selectin 99mTc-labeled E-selectin-binding peptide Rat model of arthritis [11]
P-selectin 99mTc-labeled F(Ab)2 fragment Pulmonary embolism in beagle dog [12]
VCAM-1 123I-labeled VCAM-1 antibody Colitis in rat [13]
VCAM-1 123I- and 99mTc-labeled peptides Atherosclerosis in rabbit, atherosclerotic plaques in mice [14, 15]
18F-labeled tetrameric peptide
ICAM-1 111In-labeled ICAM-1 antibody Lung injury in rat [16]
Integrin αvβ3 18F-, 64Cu-, and 68Ga-labeled RGD peptides Mouse model of chronic inflammation, acute and chronic model of inflammation in mice, atherosclerotic plaques in mice [1720]