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Figure 5

From: Myocardial infarct size quantification in mice by SPECT using a novel algorithm independent of a normal perfusion database

Figure 5

Impact on the relative segment level of the different parameters altering the spatial resolution. Effects of the system resolution, beating, breathing (tangential to the defect) and of the surrounding background on the infarcted fraction in a segment as a function of its relative level derived from the ventricle numerical model with a 60° polar extension defect. Note that the three first effects induced a curve clockwise pivoting, while the background induced a curve shift to the right. The corresponding transverse slices of the numerical model are shown for a pathological (top row) and for a normal modelled ventricle (bottom row). Note that the breathing induced an artifactual hypo-perfusion (image 4 at bottom row), also observed on ‘real images’ (bottom right images).

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