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Table 2 Distribution of spinal lesions on PET/CT and MRI

From: High bone turnover assessed by 18F-fluoride PET/CT in the spine and sacroiliac joints of patients with ankylosing spondylitis: comparison with inflammatory lesions detected by whole body MRI

  u-aCIL u-pCIL l-aCIL l-pCIL u-LIL ri u-LIL le I-LIL ri I-LIL le NIL CPIL PIL FIL
Patient 1             
PET/CT          C6   Th10  
MRI   L3   L1, L2 S1 S1 L5 L5     
Patient 2             
Patient 3             
Patient 4             
PET/CT          Th11    Th6, L3, S1
Patient 5             
PET/CT L2            
MRI Th4            
Patient 6             
PET/CT            Th6  
Patient 7             
PET/CT Th2, Th3, Th 5-10      Th7    Th8, Th10   Th1-12 L1
MRI Th1, Th3, Th8, Th10-12 Th5 Th2, Th8-12, L2 Th4 L1-3 Th3, Th7 L2, L3 Th3-5, L2 Th9-11   Th3-10, L1, L4 Th3-7, Th12
Patient 8             
PET/CT    C3     C5      Th5
MRI       L5       
Patient 9             
PET/CT        C5      
MRI C7, Th1, L4, L5 C6, C7 C6 C5, C6 C6, Th1   C5      
Patient 10             
PET/CT            Th10 Th10
MRI Th5   Th4          
  1. a, anterior; CIL, corner inflammatory lesion; CPIL, cervical posterior inflammatory lesion; FIL, facet joint inflammatory lesion; l, lower; le, left; LIL, lateral inflammatory lesion; NIL, non-corner inflammatory lesion; p, posterior; PIL, posterior element inflammatory lesion; u, upper; ri, right.