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Figure 2

From: Transcriptional response of BALB/c mouse thyroids following in vivo astatine-211 exposure reveals distinct gene expression profiles

Figure 2

Differentially expressed genes present at all absorbed doses. Genes categorized by known gene expression in mouse thyroid according to UniGene and The Human Protein Atlas. Second column: genes are listed together with their log2 ratio value where the red color scale and the green color scale represent the magnitude of gene down-regulation and up-regulation, respectively. Genes annotated with ‘Unknown’ are genes with unknown gene and/or protein expression in normal thyroid tissue, and genes annotated with ‘o’ indicate that the gene is not expressed in normal thyroid tissue. For gene expression in mouse thyroid tissue, ‘+’ indicates gene expression, whereas for protein expression, ‘+’, ‘++’, or ‘+++’ indicates weak, moderate, or strong protein expression levels, respectively. The fifth column shows the log2 values of gene expression in non-irradiated mouse thyroids (the present study). Genes with a value equal to or greater than log2 6.8 are considered as expressed in normal mouse thyroid.

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