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Figure 5

From: Reflections on the theory of "silver bullet" octreotide tracers: implications for ligand-receptor interactions in the age of peptides, heterodimers, receptor mosaics, truncated receptors, and multifractal analysis

Figure 5

Graphical summary of this review. This graphical summary of this review presents several real-time players that make up the total environment behind octreotide scintigraphy. (1) Nutrition: sufficient macro- and micronutrients of good quality are the starting point. Intestinal function will have an influence on absorption. (2) Endogenous ligands: somatostatin, corticostatin, urotensin, neuronostatin. (3) Pharmacological agents: octreotide, DOTA-chelators in tracers, lanreotide, omeprazole, lipid modifiers. (4) Ability to cope with oxidative status and inflammatory conditions. (5) Characteristics of the GPCR system: homo- and heterodimers, truncated receptors, RAMPS, arrestins, etc. (6) Morphostats, and cell regulators in malignancy.

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