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Table 3 Comparisons of binding potentials of [N-methyl-11C]mirtazapine estimated by six methods

From: PET kinetics of radiolabeled antidepressant, [N-methyl-11C]mirtazapine, in the human brain

Methoda B C D E F
A 5.3* 2.5 0.9 3.5* 3.9*
B   4.7* 5.5* 4.1* 3.7*
C    3.2* 1.4 2.0
D     4.0* 4.4*
E      0.6
  1. aSee the legend of Table 2 for a description of the methods. The nonparametric statistical comparison (z-scores) in the table denotes the degree of difference between the binding potential values provided by the methods; *the binding potentials obtained by the two methods differed significantly (two-tailed tests, Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons, p ≤ 0.0016).