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Figure 4

From: Decreased defluorination using the novel beta-cell imaging agent [18F]FE-DTBZ-d4 in pigs examined by PET

Figure 4

Transaxial PET/CT fusion image, average dynamic uptake of [18 F]FE-DTBZ-d4, and tracer excretion. Delineation of the pancreas (red), spleen (green), and parts of the anterior and posterior hepatic segments (black) exemplified on a transaxial PET/CT fusion image (a). The average dynamic uptake of [18F]FE-DTBZ-d4 in the pancreas and other abdominal tissues from four different piglets (b). Excretion through the biliary system is the fate of a majority of the tracer and its metabolites (c), but there is also an elimination of the tracer by urine (d).

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