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Figure 7

From: Quantitative assessment of brown adipose tissue metabolic activity and volume using 18F-FDG PET/CT and β3-adrenergic receptor activation

Figure 7

Autoradiographic images and H&E-stained sections and their quantification. Ex vivo 18F-FDG autoradiography of BAT (upper row) showing intense uptake in the CL316,243-activated IBAT (right) as compared to the control (left). Consecutive sections of autoradiographic images (lower row) showing IBAT marked by arrows (a). H&E-stained sections of control IBAT showing multiocular cells (×200 original magnification) which disappeared when they get activated by CL316,243 (b). Quantification of the H&E-stained sections in both groups (c). Data are mean ± SD; p < 0.004 as compared to the control (asterisk).

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