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Figure 2

From: Failure of annexin-based apoptosis imaging in the assessment of antiangiogenic therapy effects

Figure 2

Low Annexin Vivo accumulation contradicts the high apoptotic rate in corresponding tumor sections. (A) 3D data analysis reveals a higher mean concentration of Annexin Vivo in the untreated control tumors (control, n = 7; therapy, n = 6), P = 0.13. (B) 2D reflection data confirm slightly higher mean signal intensity in the control group (same animal number per group), P = 0.79. (C) TUNEL staining of corresponding tumor sections demonstrates a higher number of apoptotic cells in the SU11248-treated tumors, TUNEL-positive cells in red, counterstaining of vessels by collagen IV (green), and nuclei stained by DAPI (blue), bar = 100 μm; (D) Quantification confirms a significantly higher ratio of the TUNEL-positive area fraction in treated tumors, **P < 0.001.

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