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Table 1 Mean SUVref filters computed for the four reconstruction protocols

From: SUVref: reducing reconstruction-dependent variation in PET SUV

Reconstruction protocol a SUVref filter FWHM (mm)
OSEM 2i24s5 mm (OSEM) 3.3 (0.54)
PSF 3i24s4 mm (PSF) 6.5 (0.21)
PSF-TOF 2i21s2 mm (TOF1) 6.7 (0.29)
PSF-TOF 3i21s0 mm (TOF2) 7.1 (0.28)
  1. Mean (with standard deviation in parenthesis). ai, number of iterations; s, number of subsets; mm, FWHM in millimeters of Gaussian post-reconstruction filter.