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Figure 3

From: SUVref: reducing reconstruction-dependent variation in PET SUV

Figure 3

Distribution of Δ SUVmax , Δ SUVpeak , Δ SUVref and Δ SUVref. peak for the clinical datasets. Δ SUVmax (solid line), Δ SUVpeak (dash-dot line), Δ SUVref (dashed line) and Δ SUVref.peak (dotted line). The mean (and SD) for SUVmax was -17.8% (17.4), for SUVpeak -7.19% (11.56), for SUVref -1.98% (9.42) and for SUVref,peak -0.84% (8.61). The difference between each distribution is significant (P < 0.001 with paired two-tailed Student's t test).

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