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Figure 5

From: Imaging technologies for preclinical models of bone and joint disorders

Figure 5

Combination of micro-SPECT and micro-CT images. Acquired 3 h post-injection of 99 mTc-MDP (dose 150 MBq i.v.; bone-targeted tracer) demonstrating in vivo bone imaging in C57BL/6 mouse. Micro-SPECT data were obtained through helical acquisition over an axial field of view of 100 mm through 60 projections of 30 s. (A, B) Full body SPECT sagittal and coronal images, respectively, to detect the high MDP uptake within the skeleton with high uptake in joints (knee, shoulders, hip), spine and in the skull. (C) Micro-SPECT/CT coronal 3D image of the animal showing the MDP uptake; note the high spatial resolution of the CT acquisition to localise the main areas of Tc-99 m-MDP uptake. (D, E) Micro-SPECT/CT images of the anterior quarter of the animal, showing the high uptake of the tracer in the skull and shoulders-glenohumeral joint, and the posterior quarter, showing the uptake in the hip joint (femur and sacrum) and the knee joints.

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